Sustainability within Charlie petite.
The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment and is in the top 10 most CO2-emitting industries. If greenhouse gas emissions continue at this rate, it will have major consequences for people, nature and the environment.
Sustainability is a broad and complex subject and that is why we continue to learn, develop and improve every day at Charlie petite. We work hard to make our brand more sustainable, we see sustainability as a continuous process and we always try to make choices that have a positive impact.
We always strive to promote sustainable clothing and work hard to ensure that our collections can be worn by current and future generations.
At Charlie petite we try to use natural, environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. For example, more than half of our SS23 collection now consists of organic cotton. The production of organic cotton uses techniques and materials that have a low impact on the environment, making organic cotton a more sustainable alternative than regular cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and spun without the addition of chemicals. Organic cotton is therefore better for both the environment and the health of cotton farmers and their environment. Our ambition is to increase the share of organic cotton strongly and quickly. We are not big enough to influence the entire fashion chain, but we will do our part where possible.
Less is more
At Charlie petite we believe that sustainability is not just about the use of sustainable materials, but about the entire impact we have as a brand. We only produce what we believe is necessary, in order to avoid overproduction. This means that we produce a maximum of two to three collections per year, do not keep large stocks and that reordering items is not possible when a product is sold out. This way we ensure that we do not unnecessarily consume raw materials and produce waste.
The majority of our collections are produced within Europe, working closely with good suppliers to develop the most beautiful items together and to guarantee our quality. At Charlie petite we believe in quality over quantity, so that your little one can continue to wear the most beautiful items day in, day out.
Green shipping
We use Tour de Ville to ship your order. In addition to bicycles, Tour de Ville also uses (electric) cargo bicycles and bicycle trailers to deliver a wide variety of shipments safely and sustainably throughout the day. Does your mail or package have to be sent to a destination further away? Even then they always choose responsible. In practice, this means that they work with reliable partners and drive emission-free in any case.